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WaveMatrix 2 on an Instron Servohydraulic System

Celebrating the 50th Release of Instron’s Fatigue Testing Software with All New Functionality

Available Now for new and existing Instron Test Systems


First introduced in 2007 the WaveMatrix platform has consistently evolved to meet the needs of our customers and their applications. With an average of 4 updates per year there has been hundreds of small enhancements and improvements over the years. After more than 10 years and reaching a milestone of 50 releases, we wanted celebrate with more than just an evolution, more than just an annual face lift and a new splash screen that as consumers we have become so used to.

WAVEMATRIX 2 is a step change for your users and for your research.

The WaveMatrix platform is renowned for its simplicity.

Sequence Editor

Sequence Editor

The most significant improvement over existing tools was the way that the test sequence is visualised. Users suddenly understood their methods at a glance instead of reading tables of commands or using overwhelmingly complex multi-axis software interfaces for simple materials testing.

Intelligent Data Tools

Maximum data acquisition provides the best possible peak accuracy but these high data rates are not needed to record every single point throughout a fatigue test. WaveMatrix introduced configurable tools for intelligently record data and made it easy for users to view, store and access the results they need.

Intelligent Data Tools
Example Methods Animation

Real Time Visualisation

Whether you simply want to monitor peak stress, plot hysteresis loops or understand complex and changing material properties the WaveMatrix platform provided the ultimate flexibility in real time visualisation of data. Driven by smart data acquisition and enhanced by the use of calculated virtual channels this remains one of the most powerful tools for gaining insight into the fatigue behaviour of your products and materials.

WaveMatrix2 Quote

"At Instron, we are committed to providing the most intuitive and user-friendly systems available for materials testing. We believe it is usability which allows all technicians to approach and use an Instron Test System with confidence and deliver the results they need first time, every time."

QuickTest Icon

Save Time, Reduce Human Error and Improve the consistency of your test results.

It is widely accepted that Wavematrix has significant usability advantages over more complicated solutions offered by other suppliers. So why do we continue to focus on usability? In reality, the bar set by the materials testing industry is fairly low and whilst many customers and suppliers have learned to accept complexity - Instron have certainly not.

A universal system that can be configured for almost any test will have extensive functionality that is simply not needed for the majority of applications. For even a simple test there can be countless configuration steps and sequences to remember, each of these setup steps is in reality something for users to learn, something to forget and a source of variance between operators.

WaveMatrix 2 offers users the access to ultimate power and flexibility when you need it and revolutionary simplicity when you don't.

Quick Test Steps Animation

Quick Test is an automated method builder which utilizes a number of already existing features within the WaveMatrix platform such as the control of stress, channel renaming, step renaming and data reduction.

Setup static, gripped fatigue, bend and compression tests in seconds.

Define your test in the terms that you find most intuitive. If you want to control stress rather than force or if you prefer to use an R-Ratio or Max/Min targets to define the loading regime then quick test will do the calculations for you.

All QuickTest methods are editable after their creation if you want to modify them, you can add them to existing projects or start a brand new one.

So much more than a shortcut method, this facility is like having an experienced application engineer sitting by your side while you build your method.


Essential Steps To Set Up Test


Steps To Improve Your Data


61 Steps to Simplify And Clarify Results


Total Steps Automated

Points per Cycle Icon

Finally, you don’t have to worry about your data settings.

NEW Points per Cycle Mode & Improved Defaults

We have always had the tools to optimize your data acquisition but it was down to users to set it up. As a common area where customers needed extra support and training and also such a critical element of testing – making sure data is right we have not completely simplified and automated the data settings for your test.

Straight To Test Icon

Simple enhancements to improve your everyday efficiency.

WAVEMATRIX2 “Straight to Test” now added to method editing screen to immediately take you from method development to test environment. Removing unnecessary steps and saving you time on a daily basis.

QuickTest Icon

Save Time, Reduce Human Error and Improve the consistency of your test results.

System operators who lack confidence to use a machine effectively and deliver high quality and reliable test results are the source of many hidden costs to an organization.

If you do not understand some of the software features you are using, then you cannot be sure of the effect they are having on your machine control and your test specimen.

If you are not sure of the process for setting up a machine correctly then you may be hesitant, slow or inefficient in doing so. As a user you may rely to heavily on the help and support of expert users in the laboratory rather than feeling you have access to the resources you need to help yourself.

WAVEMATRIX 2 builds on the extensive and context sensitive ‘F1’ help libraries that have always been available with a new library offline video tutorials.

Quick Test Steps Animation

Broad Range of Content

  • Console and Setup

    More than just WaveMatrix, also includes machine setup, tuning and console training.

  • Tips & Tricks

    Learn the basics and improve your everyday use of the machine by learning the small things that make a big difference.

  • Advanced Techniques

    Find out more about what is possible with advance techniques like frequency sweeping and advanced control and understanding more about the additional modules in WaveMatrx.

Easy to Access & Update

  • Offline Video Content

    No internet connection required at any point. Content installed directly to PC.

  • Searchable Library

    Library of 20 videos at launch that can easily be filtered by keyword.

  • Updatable Media Library

    Intentionally designed so that you can update your media library without changing software versions removing the need to revalidate software in controlled laboratories.

QuickTest WaveMatrix2 Animation

NEW Quick Test

This guided wizard allows you to set up complete methods with just a few clicks and even fewer input parameters. In seconds you will have a method built for exactly what you need.

Video Tutorials Animation

New Video Tutorials

NEW Video Tutorials

Step by step guide to common WaveMatrix2 features, narrated by an application engineer. All videos are available offline and include a quick search and browse feature. Topics include a wide range from tips and tricks through to advanced functionality.

Example Methods Animation

New Example Methods

NEW Example Methods

Choose from more than 20 Example Methods and explore how they are set up to demonstrate a wide variety of software features. Either go straight to test or modify and save the method to meet your specific testing needs.

Understand Methods at a Glance

Understand Methods at a Glance

  • Color coded control modes for position, load, and strain
  • Graphical representation of waveform including shape, amplitude, direction, and number of cycles

 Scalable and Flexible

Scalable and Flexible

  • Easily add functionality to your method for more complex testing
  • Unlock more power as you need it and keep it simple if you don’t

Customizable Sequence and Workflow

Customizable Sequence and Workflow

  • Rename devices, steps, and data channels to make your test environment and results more intuitive
  • Use loops, events, user interaction, digital inputs, and the trend monitor to control the test workflow

Additional Devices and Functionality

Additional Devices and Functionality

  • Expand your testing capability by adding hardware and software devices to your test method
  • Choose from a long list of devices including a Torsion Actuator, Eurotherm Device, Automatic Transducer Balance, User Input, and many more

Data settings that always work

Simple Points Per Cycle

Simple Points Per Cycle

  • Store 100 points per cycle during cyclic waveforms and 100 points per second on ramp waveforms (user definable)
  • Always keep peak values
Hysteresis Loops and Waveform Fidelity

Hysteresis Loops and Waveform Fidelity

  • Tracking data captures full cyclic information
  • Produce cyclic graphs and hysteresis loops
  • Automatically save more data when values change and less when the test has stabilized
Maximums and Minimums

Maximums and Minimums

  • Peak and trend data values are extracted from cyclic information
  • Synchronized storage with tracking data
  • Easy to access post-test in a dedicated file
Monitoring Changes

Monitoring Changes

  • Turn on the trend monitor for added peace of mind
  • Record additional cycles when peak values fall outside a user defined tolerance band
  • Set reference cycle before or during a test

Data and Traceability

Logs and Traceability

Each test folder contains a timestamp log of all test events along with an archived copy of the test method which was used to produce the results.

Additional Reference Data

Results files include cycle number, step number, and loop number against all results data for easy post-processing.

Grouping Data for Easy Access

Clearly defined folder structure and file types to contain your project data and individual test results.

Compatibility and Analysis

The open CSV file format is ideal for use with Excel.  Use standard tables and graphs for results analysis.

Data and Traceability WaveMatrix2