Adhesive Peel

Adhesive Peel test may be performed with either 90 degree, 180 degree, T-Peel, or Floating Roller. The data analysis is basically the same. Peel test analysis requires the averaging of the load values over a defined range of peel length.

Principle Of Operation

Peel fixtures provide a condition of use to measure the bond strength between laminated surface coatings, films, packaging, and their rigid backings, as well as other bonded structures. To initiate a test, the laminate is partially peeled from the backing medium. The medium is then inserted into the fixture and the free end of the sample is inserted into an appropriate upper grip. The upper grip that is connected to the crosshead is then driven in the tensile direction and the laminate is peeled from the backing. The force required to peel the laminate is monitored by the load weighing system, providing a direct measurement of bond strength.